Zandra is my name and I am as fiesty as my red hair. I may be small in size but I can give a BIG punch of damage with some of my spells. So watch out cause I am on fire, literally and sometimes I may be icy cold you may never know which way I turn. Stand back and watch out cause here I come.

GROWING UP: My name is Zandra and I am a gnome as you know. I grew up in a gnome town called Scrath. It was a peaceful well established and well known city of large amounts of gnomes. We lived on the outskirts of the city in more of the country with lots of open space. So I am more country and nature bound then city slicker chick. Growing up in a family of 5 siblings my family encouraged all of us to become our own individual and to seek out personal goals. Of the 5 siblings I am the only one with bright red hair and am the youngest. As my parents would say I am the most fiesty and free spirited child to match my bright red hair. As my family says they can always see me coming and I can never get lost.

p. ASPIRATIONS: I found out about spells at age of 6 and after that I was hooked. I continued to meddle in spells here and there as I was young. Once I became a young single adult I wanted to become a wizard and so I did. My family was supportive although they never really understood why becoming a wizard was such a high desire of mine or why being a wizard would ever be used. My friends have things they have pursued and some know simple spells that we could do together but none took it to the level that I did with such zeal. p. BACKGROUND: The place I grew up in was simple life and non threatening until recently when dragons seem to find our town and threaten us. Although they flew over we did not have a problem with any of them so much until one day 5 of my friends and I were walking the roads to the next big city. The 6 of us were ready to get away from our gnome town and go to the next big city for the weekend and have an adventure. We never anticipated the extreme adventure we would encounter in the near future. We were surprisingly attacked by a blue dragon and all of us went different directions. As I was frantically running for my life to my amazement I saw 3 of my friends were killed by the dragons breath and its attack. Two of my friends ran in different directions as I ran the other way. p. LIVING ALONE: For 2 weeks I had been on my own in the woods living on the land for some time. Luckily because I grew up more country I knew how to live off the land and was not threatened by its harshness. Scared to try to venture back to my so called home and of once again meeting the Blue Dragon I have not attempted to go back. I do not know of my other two friends Azeza and Gandga and if they continue to live or if they too catch the dooming death as my other 3 friends did.

p.p. NEW BEGINNINGS: Suddenly in the woods after 2 weeks on my own feeling tattered, hungry and lonely I hear a bunch of people and found them all to be approachable. A group of adventurers. I have taken up with them and we fight evil forces, dragons and dark lords and what ever comes our way. From here I do not know where I go or am taken. I do hope that at some day I can find what happened to my friends and return to my home. Until then I move forward and my story begins……………


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