Pandemonium Unchained

Well, that was... interesting.

The caravan from Verbobonc arrives in Hommlett much the worse for wear, having gone through numerous attacks and “accidents” which the characters have recently discovered were due to the duplicity of the caravan master, Tobin: one passenger abducted by lizard-men, one driver carried off by goblins, another passenger left with healers in Scratch, and three of the wagons destroyed in transit (it remains undecided whether Tobin was responsible for the dinosaurs). What were the wagons carrying and why was it so important that they not reach their destination in Selene?

While in Scratch, Verric found the lost prince Thrommel. Or rather, found that the prince is now a vampire, the “Night Terror” that has been plaguing Verbobonc. Oh snap.

A beginning of sorts
1st lvl beginning

Six disparate adventurers, each with their own purposes, agendas and reasons are brought before the church of the town they are in and asked to aid the church in a time of dire need. Two half orcs, a half elf, a drow and two humans, each of faiths of their own.

They are to head to the south west to try and learn about the lost prince and if possible, recover his sword.

They join a caravan, providing added protection for part of the journey… but late that afternoon, an attack begins…


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